Juice & Jam


Celebrating collaboration
for direct marketers


– Visual identity
– Brand guidelines
– Imagery development
– Microsoft Office templates
– Website design

Juice & Jam postcards


Juice & Jam are direct marketers who work with a variety of companies to promote their products and services at trade shows and exhibitions.

After trading for 18 months, the company had outgrown its basic launch identity and needed something new to promote the breadth of their services and client base.



Before and after logos
Juice & Jam logotype


It was quickly apparent that Juice & Jam’s clients were as varied as the number of marketing services they offer. The identity needed to be flexible and try to encapsulate everything from planning and coordinating staff for events to the logistics and design of exhibition stands. Inspired by the companies ethos of partnership, a collection of expressive ampersands became the perfect metaphor.

Juice & Jam guidelines
Juice & Jam PowerPoint
Juice & Jam monogram
Juice & Jam Ampersands
Juice & Jam postcards
Juice & Jam T-shirt
Juice & Jam Instagram


The existing logo was replaced with a simple logotype to provide instant recognition even at small sizes. A library of ampersands were then designed, photographed and created covering a range of topics and disciplines. These were then combined with a vibrant colour palette and used across a range of marketing materials. Finally, bespoke ampersands were commissioned for important collaborations and events.

Juice & Jam Hello Fresh ampersand

Ampersand illustration: Nicola Robson

Juice & Jam and Hello Fresh
Juice & Jam and Hello Fresh folder

Photography: Andy Tatt

Juice & Jam and Hello Fresh tote bag
Juice & Jam Even Ampersand Illustration

Ampersand illustration: Nicola Robson