Conversation Space


A straight talking identity for  conversation experts


– Research
– Competitor audit
– Strategy workshop
– Brand personality and positioning
– Refreshed brand identity
– Brand identity guidelines
– Tone of voice
– Website design & build
– Brochure design
– On-going consultation

Conversation Space business cards


Whether it’s a performance review, appraisal, coaching session or giving feedback, if it involves a discussion at work Conversation Space can improve it.

Having recently developed and refined their philosophy and with their old branding looking a little tired, Conversation Space needed to update their visual identity.



Before and after logos

Purpose, Mission & Vision

Conversation Space strategy


After a strategy workshop we established the company’s purpose, mission and vision and decided upon the brand idea ‘the power of conversation’. The strategy lead into developing an identity that was visually simple, confident and bold – with a tone of voice to match.

Visual Identity

Conversation Space guidelines


A detailed guideline document was produced to keep the new branding consistent, including guidance on logo placement and spacing, imagery style and colour use. The straight-talking tone of voice was rolled out across all collateral and the website was given an overhaul, improving the Conversation Space’s presence online.

Conversation Space icons
Conversation Space symbol
Conversation Space Twitter
Conversation Space postcards
Conversation Space website
Conversation Space website 02

Website strategy and build: Forty Eight Point One

Conversation Space reverse mentoring book
An image of the Conversation Space on an iPhone 8 on a lime green background
Conversation Space tone of voice


“Lark provided inspiration, creativity and exquisite skill in crafting and developing our new brand. By combining challenge and ideas, asking critical questions and expertly guiding us through a thought process, Lark have helped us hone our message and create an identity that truly reflects our place in the market.”

“We value the relationship that Lark has built with us – they get us, know what we’re about, and are able to help us translate our offering through all the different routes to our clients. To have their unique expertise playing a key part in our future business development is tremendously exciting and has already provided tangible value.”

Sara Hope and Emily Cosgrove / Co-founders Conversation Space