Branding a charity: literacy support for the homeless



Branding a charity: Literacy100 Logo


The charity Literacy100 have a mission to raise awareness of poor literacy in the homelessness sector. They needed bold and impactful charity branding to help share their message and champion greater literacy support.

Poor literacy is a major obstacle. Half of people who have experienced homelessness have weak or non-existing reading and writing skills. Not as obvious as a physical disability or a drug or alcohol addiction but just as debilitating. A range of adult education services are available although many are not equipped to cater for learners with the lowest skills and chaotic lifestyles.

Branding a charity: Literacy100 Business Cards


Through a series of conversations and workshops we worked with Literacy100 to develop their vision, mission and values. We established a foundation for a visual identity that spoke to a variety of audiences from literacy providers to academic researchers and policy-makers.

Literacy100 Instagram
Literacy100 Posters


The visual identity uses the shape of books and their spines to create simple icons that reinforce messages and help to tell stories of homelessness. The dyslexia-friendly colour palette and clearly legible font ensure all audiences can digest the information easily.

Literacy100 Icons
Branding a charity: Literacy100 guidelines


– Research
– Competitor audit
– Strategy workshop
– Brand personality and positioning
– Brand identity guidelines
– On-going consultation


“As a new charity, we understood the importance of developing a distinctive brand and a unique identity. But we were also novices in this field. Lark guided us through a structured process to identify our skills as individuals, and to distil our ideas into a coherent mission statement. Lark translated all of these characteristics into strong verbal statements and a powerful visual image. This work has allowed us to continue the development of our charity with confidence, knowing also that Lark will continue to be a partner in this journey.”

Julia Olisa / Co-founder Literacy100