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Graphic patterns take over South Molton Street

I’d never walked down South Molton Street. It’s just a few second’s walk from Bond Street tube station but until today I didn’t know it existed. The street is a wide, fully pedestrianised collection of boutique shops and artisan café’s. It’s nice enough but Camille Walala’s graphic patterns make it a whole lot more fun. It’s part of this year’s London Design Festival.

With her renowned colourful, graphic patterns and bright, bold shapes, Walala has created a collection of weird and wonderful street furniture. 10 benches, with accompanying planters, zig zag down the street. They’re overhung by brilliantly oversized bunting converting the street into a joyous parade of colour.

And the best bit is that they’re here to stay. Often projects for the Design Festival are only temporary and it feels a shame. These benches are set to stay put for the time being. They will provide some much needed seating for locals and a draw to the area for visitors. I’ll definitely be back.

Written by Keith Hancox, Founder

A cyclist passing a graphic patterned planter by Camille Walala
South Molton Street's graphic patterns by Camille Walala
Graphic bench
Graphic pattern wall in the Walala Lounge
South Molton Street, London
Graphic pattern bench
Graphic Pattern Flags
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