Faces in things

Faces in things — Venetian masks

We can’t help but see faces in things. The scientific term Pareidolia means the tendency to see faces in inanimate objects. On a recent trip to the dream-like Venice, curiosities appeared around every canal corner. After getting pleasantly lost in the labyrinth of absurdly narrow side streets, we came face-to-face with some of the locals. Doorbells and buzzers all over the city seemed to peer out from the crumbling walls. After spotting the first few faces, it started to feel less like a coincidence and more like a subtle nod to those famous Venetian masks. See what you think.

Written by Keith Hancox, Founder

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

As part of our ongoing work with Dragonfly Tea, we’ve been working to bring their print adverts in line with their social media campaigns.

Climate Change Poster Design

Climate change poster design for Mate Act Now

Lark was invited to contribute a climate change poster design to Mate Act Now, a poster protest for the digital generation.

Branded Marketing Materials for Tick Tock tea

Branded marketing materials for Tick Tock Tea

We’ve worked with Tick Tock Tea to develop their branded marketing materials across multiple communications for both print and digital audiences.