Lark COVID 19

Designing during lockdown

Thanks to COVID-19 and the current social distancing measures, there have been some changes here. Our lovely co-working space, Scratch Hub has been closed so we’re now designing during lockdown from home. We’re lucky enough to work in an industry that can switch to remote work. It might be from a slightly wonky kitchen table, but tThis mean’s we’re still available to support our clients,  friends and suppliers. We can continue designing during lockdown with video conferencing and regular telephone calls.

These are tough times. If we can help you or your business in any way or if you just want to catch up over a virtual coffee please do get in touch.

Keep safe everyone.

Written by Keith Hancox, Founder

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

As part of our ongoing work with Dragonfly Tea, we’ve been working to bring their print adverts in line with their social media campaigns.

Climate Change Poster Design

Climate change poster design for Mate Act Now

Lark was invited to contribute a climate change poster design to Mate Act Now, a poster protest for the digital generation.

Branded Marketing Materials for Tick Tock tea

Branded marketing materials for Tick Tock Tea

We’ve worked with Tick Tock Tea to develop their branded marketing materials across multiple communications for both print and digital audiences.