Calendar design

Calendar design — Fedrigoni 365

Earlier this year, we contributed to the Fedrigoni 365 calendar. The calendar is a project to celebrate the year 2018 by asking UK-based creatives to submit a piece of work. Each studio/designer was provided with a specific date and asked to interpret it. Our date was 28 October so our calendar design features dominoes because there are 28 in a standard set. Knock, knock!

The finished door stop of a book arrived and it’s a thing of beauty! Copies are available to buy here and all profits go to the Make-A-Wish charity.

Written by Keith Hancox, Founder

Calendar design for Fedrigoni 365
Calendar design for Fedrigoni 365
Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

As part of our ongoing work with Dragonfly Tea, we’ve been working to bring their print adverts in line with their social media campaigns.

Climate Change Poster Design

Climate change poster design for Mate Act Now

Lark was invited to contribute a climate change poster design to Mate Act Now, a poster protest for the digital generation.

Branded Marketing Materials for Tick Tock tea

Branded marketing materials for Tick Tock Tea

We’ve worked with Tick Tock Tea to develop their branded marketing materials across multiple communications for both print and digital audiences.