Our branded Christmas card 2019

The Lark branded Christmas card for 2019 is a little different from previous incarnations. Thanks to the lovely Madeline Meckiffe and the use of her screen-print space, they’re all hand-made.

Every year we design a suitably bird-themed Christmas card as a bit of fun. We send them out to clients, suppliers and friends of the studio as well as anyone else who wants one. It’s an opportunity to try different print finishes, techniques and paper stocks that we wouldn’t normally choose. This year’s card is hand-printed onto 100% recycled paper and topped off with a scribbled gold star. Most of them have found a home. However if you’d like one of the last few drop us an email with your address details. A card will fly through your letterbox very soon.

Rather than send an off-the-shelf card, a branded Christmas card offers a unique way to connect with your customers, clients and followers. It’s another excuse for self promotion and you can create something that truly represents your brand and what you do. Done right it can open a dialogue to further conversations.

Whilst so much of our lives and correspondence now takes place online there is still something really nice about receiving post, especially when the envelope is written by hand and the contents isn’t another bill! Well wishes and introductions often get lost in people’s inboxes, but snail mail gives an alternative and original way for your message to cut through.

Written by Keith Hancox, Founder

A screen printing bed being used
Chrismas cards on a drying rack
Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

Print advert for Dragonfly Tea

As part of our ongoing work with Dragonfly Tea, we’ve been working to bring their print adverts in line with their social media campaigns.

Climate Change Poster Design

Climate change poster design for Mate Act Now

Lark was invited to contribute a climate change poster design to Mate Act Now, a poster protest for the digital generation.

Branded Marketing Materials for Tick Tock tea

Branded marketing materials for Tick Tock Tea

We’ve worked with Tick Tock Tea to develop their branded marketing materials across multiple communications for both print and digital audiences.